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Pro-4 Vision HD Protective Eyewear – AVI 400


HD Protective Eyewear – AVI Specs

 UPC: 694026296983
Item Number: 6983

Pro-4 Vision Protective HD Eyewear: Pro-4 Vision Protective HD Eyewear features seven separate lens coatings. These coatings resist scratches and the force of impact. They even eliminate glare. Blocking 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, these lenses provide amazing clarity day and night.

Pro-4 Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses: Pro-4 Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses protect wearers from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Reduce extreme glare, enhance depth, improve color perception, and lessen eye strain with the Pro-4 Vision HD Polarized Sunglasses.

Pro-4 Vision HD Night Vision Glasses: Pro-4 Vision HD Night Vision Glasses reduce glare and increase nighttime vision with a specially designed nighttime lens. Reduce nighttime glare, maximize contrast, and eliminate sources of eye fatigue with the Pro-4 Vision HD Night Vision Glasses. Ideal for driving.

• FDA Approved
• Blocks Harmful Sun Rays
• UV 400 100% Protection
• Extreme Glare Reduction for Both Day and Night Time
• HD Polarized Lens
• Reduces Eye Fatigue
• Durable Spring Hinges
• Comfortable to Wear
• Size: 5.5” Frame W x 4.75” Temple L
• Water / Shock Resistant
• 1 Year – No Questions Asked Warranty
• For Men and Women
• 2 Microfiber Lens Cloths (included)