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Tell Us Your Pro-4 Story!

Pro-4 Tactical appreciates your business.  Have a great story about using our products? In the space provided, tell us about how you’ve used your Pro-4 Tactical item. Maybe it’s a funny story; an emergency; or how everyone at work was “dazzled” by your new, incredibly bright light. We will use the best ones on our Testimonials page!

Terms and Conditions

Please include in your testimonial (minimum 20 words, maximum 200 words):

  • The item that was used
  • Why it was used
  • Where it was used
  • When it was used

Examples of an acceptable testimonial:

  1. Pro-4 Lantern was the perfect home saver when power went out, it kept us in light for 2 days.  Thankfully it came with Alkaline batteries since we were out of stock.
  2. Pro-4 Flashlight was the perfect road saver when our tire hit a pot hole and blew up, we needed a bright light to find the tire jack and changed the tire in the evening.  Had we not had the Pro-4 Flashlight we would have had to wait 4 hours for AAA road side assistance, we love the Pro-4 Flashlight and bought 3 more one for each car.
  3. I work in Maximum Security Prison as a prison guard, all the flashlights I have used in the past 2 years ON/OFF buttons break within 6 months of use, Not the Pro-4 it lasts.

Pro-4 Tactical reserves the sole right to determine compliance of submitted testimonials; and will not use  testimonials that do not comply.